Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Try Cooking - Its a de-stress.

Cooking - a part of every women' s life......All of us had to or have to enter the kitchen some how once or more even if we not interested. For some it becomes a Hobby, for some a pass time,some take it up as career , some have to do it without an option......and some says yew.

I always had a bent towards it.....and love cooking , but sometimes even i get bugged when i return at 11 at night after a hectic day and have to cook dinner . But sometimes again I just cook to de stress my self. when you have to mix all that spices, and keep ur eyes glued to the oven, trust me you forget the most sorrow full thing in your life. And gradually the smell drifts you and you know you making something constructive, and when its made and you taste a spoon, It feels great. U fill a kind of euphoria.

So anyone reading this blog, who has had a bad day, try cooking dinner for your self tonight.....You wuill definitely get back and read my next post, where I shall come up with some recipes to solve your day to day cooking issues.

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  1. cooking definitely helps release stress, but can also be a pain when all you want to do is to get some sleep but you know that you have to cook a meal for your family. but on the whole, cooking is fun.